Road UPDATE-July 21st


July 21st, 2019

All Heavy haul 10t and over:

Under the authority of the Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation Act (1997), Section 10(2), Special Constable Kellin Everitt, a Peace Officer in the Province of Saskatchewan will open the following as listed and described below:

 **All remaining Divisions will open at (noon) 12:00pm today.

Please keep movement on dry roads only!

No mud is to be brought onto the grids at anytime.

Shoulders are still soft on a lot of the roads so use good judgement when meeting oncoming traffic.

Anyone caught destroying a road will be responsible for the cost of repairs to that road and could be subject up to a Twenty Five Thousand dollar fine  ($25,000.00).

Please continue to watch our website for any further updates.

Thank you for your cooperation




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