All Heavy haul 10t and over:

Under the authority of the Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation Act (1997), Section 10(2), Special Constable Kellin Everitt, a Peace Officer in the Province of Saskatchewan will as follows:


*All Divisions within the RM of Kindersley are now open*


The R.M. of Kindersley would like to remind users of the municipal roads that any damage done to the roads may be unlikely to be repaired before the roads freeze for the winter.  The R.M would like to caution users during this time to drive carefully to avoid any damage to the roads.

Please keep watching the website for updates.

Anyone caught destroying a road will be responsible for the cost of repairs to that road and could be subject up to a Twenty Five Thousand dollar fine  ($25,000.00).

  • Please remember to slow down to 40km when passing a yardsite.

Thank you for not using your engine brakes in front of yardsites on the pavement as well as gravel.